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  1. Sir Basil Spence. Sir Basil Urwin Spence, OM, OBE, RA (13 August – 19 November ) was a Scottish architect, most notably associated with Coventry Cathedral in England and the Beehive in New Zealand, but also responsible for numerous other buildings in the Modernist/Brutalist style.
  2. Whether one considers the latest resurgence of appreciation for Brutalist architecture to be a matter of nostalgia or a rejection of the conspicuous consumption some people associate with glass and steel skyscrapers, there are some practical benefits for the use of concrete in both residential and commercial urban structures.
  3. We have this stunning original Mid-century Modern designer wall art piece for $3, It's an original piece of brutalist wall art, and dates back to the 's. It's rare, and truly a gem! It's a sunburst, and is made of metal with a copper finish and brass accents. It's a large wall sculpture, and will accentuate any space quite nicely! It has metal rays with brass tips on both ends, and .
  4. Aug 21,  · To many, brutalist buildings are simply ugly. They’re large and lumbering, not especially attractive except to a few, and the coloring is usually the dull, bland gray of its namesake. Some brutalist buildings are made using other materials, such as brick, but by and large the movement is all about concrete.

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