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  3. Mar 31,  · Assassin said at no point did he deviate from the rehearsed set, and thus it was a complete shock to him when approximately 8 minutes into his performance he was forced to discontinue. According to him, they subsequently accused him of breaching company policy by using what the promoter labeled offensive and discriminatory lyrical content.
  4. “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” “The Lost Mariner,” “The President’s Speech,” and “A Matter of Identity” all focus on patients who are experiencing some type of right-hemisphere deficit, whether it’s face-blindness, confabulatory delirium, or tonal agnosia. These .
  5. Macka Diamond, also known as Chamaine Munroe, Lady Mackerel, and the Money Goddess, is a Jamaican singer and writer. She was born in Kingston and raised in Portmore. "Macka Diamond / Round Head – Try Wid Him / U Man Want Yu" (7", ), Don Corleon Records "Macka Diamond / Danny English – Stop Watch Me / All About Us" (7", single,
  6. Jun 05,  · Directed by Christopher Rawlence. With Oliver Sacks, John Tighe, Emile Belcourt, Patricia Hooper. Opera singer and professor Dr P is examined both in a clinic and in his home, as he suffers from a degeneration of the occipital lobe that allows him to see details, but not wholes.
  7. U.S. military police held the first man for questioning. He was not immediately named. You might think that so gruesome a tale couldn’t get worse, but you’d be wrong.

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