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  1. May 26,  · He was famously funny. It's hard to think of a President who had so many lines that you can remember. Check out this killer list: The Funniest Things Ronald Reagan Ever Said Also, this is worth reading -- a CBS News story on how Reagan kept an i.
  2. Ronald Reagan: An American Success Story () An NBC News special profiling Ronald Reagan. The program includes an interview with Reagan taped January 17, , at the White House, stills and film footage tracing his career, and comments from friends and colleagues.
  3. Sep 14,  · With Dean Martin, Jack Benny, Dom DeLuise, Phyllis Diller. Governor of California Ronald Reagan is roasted by Dean Martin and his friends/10(2).
  4. Ronald Reagan Day is a day of recognition that occurs every February 6, starting in , in the state of California for Ronald Reagan, who was that state's governor from to and President of the United States from to Ronald Reagan Day has also been declared a state holiday in Wisconsin. For the th anniversary of Reagan's birthday in , governors .
  5. May 16,  · F or 30 years Ronald Reagan has been a hero to Republicans and conservatives, his presidency regarded as the crucial moment when America began to turn back from the misguided liberalism of the New.
  6. Jan 18,  · Ronald Prescott Reagan is the youngest child of President Ronald Reagan. Over the weekend, excerpts of his memoir about his dad, My Father at , generated a firestorm because in it he speculates.
  7. Nov 14,  · So the producers dug in. Any talk of residuals, past or future, was simply a nonstarter. Ronald Reagan. We want to hear what you think about this article. The Larry Sanders Show, X-Files.
  8. May 09,  · Please tell me you're all Republicans. (Comment by Ronald Reagan to the surgeons who were about to operate on him after the assassination attempt on March 30, ) Honey, I forgot to duck. (Comment made by Ronald Reagan to his wife, Nancy Reagan, when she arrived at the hospital following the assassination attempt on March 30, ).
  9. Mar 31,  · The microphone seems totemic in the life of Ronald Reagan. He used it to turn the electoral tide in New Hampshire in when he seized the mike at a candidates' debate from George Bush, and thus.

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